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Lessons learned in promoting açai production in the Colombian Pacific

This case study highlights the business model and the role of communities in the process of consolidating the naidí value chain as a vehicle for conservation, generation of social benefits and income from the sustainable use of the forest. Here, opportunities, challenges and gaps are highlighted that may be useful for other initiatives focused on this type of initiative.

100% sustainable investment portfolios

In this document we summarize the path and the main milestones in the transition of the investment portfolio of the patrimonial resources managed by Fondo Acción, from a traditional investment modality to a sustainable investment portfolio.

The Endowment Fund and the financial sustainability of the Malpelo Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Colombia

This document explores the history of the financing mechanism of the Malpelo Fauna and Flora Sanctuary (SFF), taking into account the governance of the protected area, the challenges imposed by the exchange rate and the need to manage additional funds to guarantee that the protected area meet your conservation goals and objectives. This document offers valuable lessons and information for donors and organizations wishing to develop sustainable financing mechanisms.

Regional Climate Change Nodes in Colombia

The Regional Climate Change Nodes are a key regional governance mechanism for
the application of the National Climate Change Policy, integrating different levels of government.

Conservation Trust Funds and the Private Sector: Emerging Approaches to Conservation Finance

articipamos en el caso de estudio de Wolfs Company “Conservation Trust Funds and the Private Sector: Emerging Approaches to Conservation Finance”, una herramienta quebusca aportar al diseño y promoción de estrategias de participación del sector privado como un medio para impulsar el impacto de la conservación. En este hablamos de nuestra experiencia con el sector privado y los diferentes mecanismos de sostenibilidad financiera, como los fondos patrimoniales y el pago por servicios ambientales.