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People and landscapes connected

The Connected Landscapes program implemented actions to reduce deforestation and stimulate low-emission rural development in Caquetá. This book contains the efforts and main results and impacts achieved in seven years of working with the community.

Conserva Colombia – Book

Conserva Colombia was a program designed by The Nature Conservancy in Colombia to promote and facilitate the creation of local protected areas in ecosystems that are poorly represented in the country’s national system of protected areas: tropical dry forests, dry scrublands, tropical savannas of high plains and floodplains and low-lying forests on hillsides.

Find out in this book the account of this work, which guaranteed the survival of many species of plants and animals, and some of the most emblematic and inspiring cases of protected areas established with the support of Conserva Colombia in all its intervention areas.

This program was executed in partnership and with co-financing from the Action Fund between 2009 and 2017.