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20 years creating possible territories​

This book is the story of the twenty years of an organization that has understood that its work consists of recognizing itself as a small and powerful piece of the natural, social and cultural framework of which it is a part; one that, like mycorrhizae, to advance on its path, must enter into symbiosis with others.

Viceversa – Book

This book of chronicles is a sample of the transformations and experiences that the team of the Connected Landscapes Program lived, working together with peasant families from Solano and Cartagena del Chairá to reduce deforestation in Caquetá. Learn through these stories how knowledge is exchanged from work teams to communities and vice versa.

National overview of biodiversity finance: Current status and challenges in Colombia

This document is a first approximation to know the reality of the country in terms of the challenges that exist for the formulation of a taxonomy in sustainable biodiversity finance and the involvement of the private sector in its financing, based on the regulatory context and the advances in the financial sector regarding sustainable investment.

People and landscapes connected

The Connected Landscapes program implemented actions to reduce deforestation and stimulate low-emission rural development in Caquetá. This book contains the efforts and main results and impacts achieved in seven years of working with the community.

Regional Climate Change Nodes in Colombia

The Regional Climate Change Nodes are a key regional governance mechanism for
the application of the National Climate Change Policy, integrating different levels of government.