Questions, claims and complaints

Questions, claims and complaints

Any person, implementer, beneficiary, donor, partner, employee, contractor or member of the general public can submit their questions, claims and complaints to Fondo Acción, with regard to the projects they carry out and compliance with their policies and guidelines.

Take the following steps into account when doing so:

1. Select your chosen channel
2. Provide your personal details

specify through which medium you would like to receive a response to your question, claim or complaint.

3. Submit your question, claim or complaint clearly

objectively and respectfully and have to hand all the supporting documents that back it up, when appropriate. 

Fondo Acción will make all possible efforts to protect your identity and will investigate all complaints, including those submitted anonymously.

Questions, claims or complaints form

If you wih to submit an anonymous question, claim or complaint, please write anonymous.