Our Policies

Procurement Policy

This policy applies to any natural or legal person with whom the Fondo Acción requires to contract the effects of acquiring goods, products or services, without affecting the special rules regarding the amount, selection, legislation and applicable procedures that may exist. SEE MORE.


Child Policy

The sustainable and significant impacts that Fondo Acción intends to generate and its commitment to the development and participation of children and adolescents from the strengthening of the harmonious relationship between this population with their caregivers and their environment, are sustained in the promotion and protection of human rights and the recognition of children and adolescents as subjects of rights and their best interests. SEE MORE.

Code of ethics

A Code of Ethics is a set of norms that must reflect the institutional culture through declarations of principles and values as well as the description of practices and patterns of conduct and behavior of the people who work or are related in an organization. SEE MORE.

Data Protection Policy

Fondo Acción is a legal person of common utility, non-profit, constituted under Colombian laws, with a private regime and full capacity to exercise rights and contract obligations that develop its corporate purpose. SEE MORE.

Environmental & Social Framework

The Environmental and Social Management Framework (MGAS) together with the Environmental and Social Management Policy constitute the guiding documents for the operation of the Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) of Fondo Acción. SEE MORE.

Environmental & Social policy

Fondo Acción recognizes that a safe and healthy environment is essential to generate well-being for employees, executors, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and communities in the areas where it carries out actions, since they are the basis of sustainable development and management. SEE MORE.


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Questions, complaints and claims

Fondo Acción will protect your identity and will attend to all questions, complaints and claims, including those submitted anonymously.

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