Project area

13.500 hectares




Acandí, Región del Darién (Chocó)


Cocomasur, Anthrotect

Sustainable development goals to which we contribute

The Chocó-Darién Conservation Corridor REDD+ project was designed by the Senior Community Council of the Black Communities in the Tolo River Basin and the Southern Coastal Zone (Cocomasur) and the firm Anthrotect. The Chocó-Darién corridor is the first REDD+ project in the world to issue forest carbon certificates in a collectively and communally owned territory. It was certified in November 2012 with the VCS Standard, which allowed them to start selling carbon credits. The project is carried out by Cocomasur and contributes to the conservation and sustainable use of approximately 13,500 hectares of tropical rainforest in the Darién region, in the municipality of Acandí (Chocó), which today is a symbol of resilience.


In 2011, we started a journey together with Cocomasur, supporting them with technical and administrative issues. With our Harmos Program, we seek to strengthen the capacities of its team, thus helping to guarantee sustainable conservation in the long term.


Technical and administrative objectives


The role of Fondo Acción in the project aims to:

-Carry out the fiduciary administration of the resources received from different sources (sale of forest carbon credits, donations, and others).

-Channel resources to finance the implementation of the REDD+ project’s conservation activities.

-Accompany and strengthen the administrative, financial, and management capacities of the Cocomasur team.

-Develop skills for leadership and high performance team work (Harmos Program).