In many regions of Colombia, care for the most vulnerable children is provided by NGOs and community grassroots organizations. Ensuring that these children and their families receive the highest quality service is a priority for public policy and Fondo Acción.


However, the vast majority of these civil society organizations work with limited budgets and resources. Our “High Impact Investments” program, inspired by the successful experience “Chile Crece Contigo,” aims to improve the quality of care of NGOs and grassroots organizations through direct investments made in the short term and with verifiable effects. Our investments contribute to areas such as: pedagogical actions, nutrition and development, provision and adaptation of infrastructure, work with families.


We dream of transforming realities through our investments in equipment and materials, in the pedagogical abilities of teachers, in the adaptation of infrastructure and working conditions of civil society organizations working for the most vulnerable infants in Colombia.

Our high-impact investments are directed towards the entire national territory, and regional focuses are established in each of the invitations to tender.