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Mission Impact Investment Fund (FIMI)

At Fondo Acción, we believe in the power of good ideas and in how entrepreneurship, which seeks to positively impact society, can be a tool to create possible territories and generate change in communities and their relationship with the environment. Therefore, in order to continue with actions that have a positive impact on the community, we created the Mission Impact Investment Fund, FIMI for its name in Spanish.


We believe in initiatives that make a difference  


Since 2018 we seek to invest in entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses that:

Our investment policy

Do you need a partner for your sustainable business?

If you are ready to make an impact on communities with your entrepreneurship, send us a description of your business to  



  1. What sector are you focused on?
  2. How long have you been in the market?
  3. What type of product or service do you offer?
  4. What makes your business different and innovative?
  5. What is your target market?
  6. What is your team’s experience?
  7. How does your business model generate a positive impact on the environment?
  8. What kind of benefits or positive impact do you generate in the community or in your social environment?
  9. What are your funding needs and what do you expect to invest the resources in?