Who we are

We are a Colombian non-profit organization of the private regime, created in 2000 within the framework of the Bilateral Agreement of the Initiative for the Americas.

Fondo Acción knows and believes in the power and creativity of the ideas that communities and community organizations have and how, with the support and technical and financial support, the way in which the world lives can be transformed. In these years of work have shown that the multiple environmental and social problems facing the population can be addressed – successfully from the local momentum. Thus, we are not the ones who give solutions to problems, we are the ones who facilitate that the communities transform their reality for a better planet.

Today we know that investments in environment and childhood produce the best returns for our society and that is why our activity has been concentrated in these two areas. Thus, we have opted to build innovative and high-value solutions on vital issues such as: sustainable rural development, conservation, climate change, and the protection and development of children and adolescents, with an emphasis on early childhood.

The processes and procedures that we apply for the administration, control, monitoring and accompaniment of investments in environmental and childhood programs and projects are incorporated in our Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS has been certified since 2008 by Bureau Veritas Quality International Colombia and complies with the international quality standard ISO 9001-2008.

Additionally, we are affiliated with the Network of Environmental Funds of Latin America and the Caribbean, REDLAC, a learning community comprised of more than 20 Environmental Funds in the region.



Our team

Technical Director

Elizabeth Valenzuela Camacho

Financial Director

Luis German Botero Ortíz

Natalia Arango Velez

Executive Director

Natalia Arango Velez

Legal Director

Sofía Cuenca Becerra

Guidelines for the protection of whistleblowers and witnesses

In order to ensure full compliance with the guidelines contained in Policies, Codes, Manuals and Current Guidelines of the Action Fund, a series of guidelines have been established that guarantee the protection of those who, from within or outside the organization, report any type of conduct that contravenes the guidelines contained in them, or that testify in investigations and audits that are carried out internally or externally.