Communicate in an easy and reliable way

Any person, executor, beneficiary, donor, ally, employee, contractor or public in general, can present their questions, complaints or claims before the Fondo Acción, about the projects they are carrying out and compliance with their policies and codes.

To do so, consider the following steps:

Choose the channel of your preference
Communication channel

and the means by which you wish to receive an answer to your question, complaint or claim.

Present your question, complaint or claim

When presenting your PQR, do it in a clear, objective and respectful manner. Have at your disposal all the supports that support them, when this applies.

The Action Fund will make every effort to protect its identity and will investigate all complaints, including those presented anonymously.

If you are wondering what kind of PQR you can present, the range is very wide. They can range from irregularities or doubts in projects and calls, to faults in the application of policies and codes, for example conflicts of interest, money laundering, discrimination or any form of child abuse. If you have more questions, remember that we have a space for frequent questions.

Form for questions, complaints or claims (PQR)

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