The Due Diligence Guide has been designed as a practical tool to have important information about the potential clients of Fondo Acción. The review and analysis of this information allows to have elements of decision that must be considered during the process of resource management. DOWNLOAD HERE
A policy is hereby adopted to incorporate gender equity and equality and the empowerment of women in the operations of Fondo Acción; the actions required to implement this cross-cutting policy are identified and the mechanisms and provisions are established to evaluate and update it on a regular basis. DOWNLOAD HERE
This document establishes the guidelines and basic policies for the constitution and redemption of investments of the Account of the Initiative for the Americas. DOWNLOAD HERE
This policy is established as a framework for the process of planning, implementation, and evaluation of the environmental and social management of each project executed by Fondo Acción, directly or through third parties; it must be observed by donors, allies, executors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees. DOWNLOAD HERE
The purpose of this document is to establish policies for the processing of personal data of our clients, donors, executors and employees and commercial partners or any other person related to Fondo Acción, guaranteeing the right to know, update and rectify the information held by Fondo Acción in its Databases or files. DOWNLOAD HERE
With the enactment of this Information Security Policy and internal Procedures, Fondo Acción formalizes its commitment with the responsible management process with the purpose of ensuring its integrity, confidentiality and availability, in accordance with the applicable data protection laws. DOWNLOAD HERE
The Code of Ethics of Fondo Acción has been built base on its Mission, Strategy and Values, which lead and inspire its reason of being and its action. DOWNLOAD HERE
Fondo Acción is an organization that signed the Pact for Teleworking, a great public-private partnership that allows generating a cooperation framework to promote teleworking in Colombia, as an instrument to increase productivity in organizations, generate sustainable mobility, promote organizational innovation, improve the quality of life of workers and promote the effective use of information and communication technologies in the productive sector.