Luisa Fernanda Lema Vélez | Fondo Acción

Luisa Fernanda Lema Vélez

Public Policy Coordinator

Luisa Fernanda has a Bachelor in Forest Engineering (2000) from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín, Colombia; a Bachelor in Biology (2002) from the Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia; with an specialization in Environmental Law (2002) from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Medellín, Colombia with a Master's degree in Environmental Management (2006) from Yale University, New Haven, United States, Fulbright Scholarship -OAS.

Luisa Fernanda has experience in environmental policy; international cooperation /multilateral banking project management on matters such as conservation and development, sustainable tourism, bio-commerce and protected areas.

She built her professional career from the core of the basic sciences which led her toward management, regulations and policies for sustainable development. She has worked for integrated conservation and development projects, supporting community initiatives for sustainable entrepreneurship and environmental education. In her professional life she has provided services to organizations such as the Global Environment Fund, the United Nations Development Program, the Organization of American States and the Andes University. She joined Fondo Acción in 2014 to coordinate the contributions to public policy.